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Earlier this week the New York Post’s Page Six caught Justin Bieber dropping “over $1,000 on weed and edibles in one go.”

That’s it. That was the whole point of the story. The Biebs bought weed. Stars—they’re just like us!

Not joking about that California weed

Earlier this year the Canadian-born pop star told his legion of Beliebers that “I get my weed from California” in the song “Peaches.”

Ringing up $1,000 in product? I could do that in 90 seconds flat.

Little did we know the Biebs does not play games. According to the Post, he dropped a cool $1k in a 20-minute trip to Wonderbrett’s flagship store in LA’s Fairfax district. buy marijuana online chicago

Sure, he’s a multimillionaire, but I can’t help but picture Justin standing there letting the budtender ring him up. He’s counting the money he has in hand, hoping he got out enough cash. The budtender gives him his total: “ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS” and Justin goes, “Oh snap! Can you hold? I gotta grab some cash from the ATM.” 

The Page Six item came at Bieber like he’d just laid down a mad shopping spree. But come on. If you’re a stoner like me, you know how hard it is to get out of a dispensary for less than $80. Blink twice and you’re at $150. The options are limitless and so are my lungs. Ringing up $1,000 in product? I could do that in 90 seconds flat.

Justin left Wonderbrett with their branded edibles in every flavor—which, according to their website, come in papaya, pineapple, melon, orange banana, and strawberry bliss. I’m thinking Bieber got more than one bag of each, one bag of every other kind of edible and lunch for all the staff in the store.

Seriously, though, I have to assume he’s got a medical card because there’s no way he’s spending a G and not going over the legal rec purchasing limit. (California’s limit is an ounce of flower and eight grams of concentrates per day. It’s unclear what the edibles limit is.)

Needless to say, Justin doesn’t seem to sweat going over any particular amount. Weed for Sale In Chicago. The guy didn’t even try to play it casual and break it up into two trips to the dispensary across the week…hoping to catch different staff the next time so no one realizes how often he’s coming in. Not that I would know anything about that.

Can someone smoke $40-50K of weed in a month?

On a recent episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson told rapper Jim Jones that he consumes about $40,000 of cannabis per month at Tyson Ranch, his future cannabis “resort.” buy marijuana online chicago. As Jim’s mind is blown by this number, Eben Brriton, Tyson’s co-host, follows this up by saying that they smoke 10 tons of weed per month.

We call bullshit. Let’s look at the numbers.

How Much Weed Does $40,000 Buy?

Let’s look at that figure of $40,000. I live in Washington, where eighths of That Fire cost about $45 on average. So by the numbers, that would be about almost 900 eighths per month (if you broke it down to the usual retail value of cannabis).

As a blunt/joint smoker, the eighths I buy tend to go quickly. An eighth is like 3 to 4 blunts. By my personal consumption, 900 eighths would add up to about 2,700 blunts per month, which would be 90 blunts per day, which would be about four blunts per hour. And that’s without ever stopping, for an entire month.

Mike Tyson, marijuana

Even on the expensive side of things (looking at you, California), where eighths could run for the hellacious $70, that would still break down to about three blunts per hour, nonstop, for a whole 30 straight days. buy marijuana online chicago

Solo, that would be completely impossible. With a Tyson Ranch full of consumers, very possible; however, that smoke squad would have to literally sit there for an entire month and do nothing but face L’s all day and night. No food, no water, just doinks.

So either Mike is stretching the truth, or his team of weed-smoking super lungs is just reinforcing stoner boi stereotypes.

10 Tons of Weed in a Month

Now that we’ve established that $40,000 of cannabis in a month is technically possible, it’s time to address the most absurd claim of all:

“We smoke 10 tons of weed at the ranch a month.” – Eben Britton, former NFL player, and Mike’s co-host.


Beau Kilmer, co-director of RAND Drug Policy Research Center, told Leafly that on average, the cannabis consumers who smoke at least 21 days per month smoke about 1.6 grams a day.

Ten tons of cannabis is 20,000 pounds, which equals 320,000 ounces, which equals a little over 9,000,000 grams per month.

You don’t have to be Ptolemy to see that this would be physically impossible. Even with 100,000 humans visiting the ranch per month, this would come out to 3 grams per person per day, which would be double the aforementioned average of consumption amongst people who smoke all the time. Not possible. And even if you look at it from a grams standpoint of “Yeah, you can smoke 3 grams in a day easily,” it would still be unlikely for Tyson Ranch to host 100,000 visitors per month. buy marijuana online chicago.

So in the end, only one truth remains: men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

Some of the best things you can do in Chicago while you are high AF

Nearly 60 million people visit Chicago every year, and with cannabis now legal for all adults many tourists want to know how, when, and where to enjoy the city’s finest weed.

Come to our website Wholesale-Weed Dispensary. It will point you to the legal cannabis stores near you, and allow you to check out what’s on the menu and where the best deals are.

There are no cannabis stores in the Loop thanks to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who banished them from the city’s downtown core. Fortunately, there are plenty of stores just an L or an Uber away.

Some of the most popular and convenient stores are in the city’s River North district, including Ascend by MOCA, Sunnyside, and Verilife.

A little further out, Nature’s Care Company, Dispensary 33, and Zen Leaf are in the West Loop, while Curaleaf in Old Town is literally based on Weed Street.

Chicago’s weird weed rules | buy marijuana online chicago

The cannabis laws in Illinois are a little different than in other legal states. The main thing to know is that Illinois residents can legally possess up to 30 grams of flower (a little more than an ounce), but non-residents can only possess up to 15 grams (that’s about four eighths).

Smoking cannabis in public is illegal. So if you consume, consume with discretion.

What to do in Chicago while high

Nearly all the major tourist destinations are open to your own level of elevation, including Wrigley Field, the Art Institute, The Bean, the original Chess Records storefront, Second City, and so much more. But if you’re looking for a deeper level of 420-friendliness, these local Chicago hosts will show you what makes the city truly special.

Chi High Tours

buy marijuana online chicago
James Gordon’s Chi High Tours company offers city tours, jazz tours, comedy tours, and more.

If you’re looking to discover Chicago with a 420-friendly guide, James Gordon and his Chi High Tours offer a number of high-culture choices. Gordon’s guides and guests cruise the city in luxury (Mercedes or Cadillac, depending on the tour), exploring Chicago’s rich past and present.

Among their offerings are:

  • Classic Cannabis Tour: This is a 3-hour tour of Chicago’s top landmarks, with a pre-tour edible and dispensary stop, naturally.
  • Jazz Culture & Cannabis Tour: Dive into Chicago’s rich musical history with a tour centered around the Bronzeville and Hyde Park neighborhoods. Weed for Sale In Chicago
  • Beer & Bud Tour: Go behind the scenes at one of Chicago’s leading craft breweries, and learn about the connections between beer and cannabis.
  • Comedy & Cannabis Tour: Tour the city, enjoy some cannabis, and catch the evening comedy show at The Laugh Factory.

Canna Café Chicago

Enjoy a variety of hemp-based cannabis products at the Canna Cafe, including an 80mg delta-8 THC infused smoothie. (Image via cannacafecompany.com)

If you’ve been following the news regarding delta-8 THC, you know it comes with controversy as to how legal it is. That said, delta-8 is legal in Illinois for now, and the Canna Café is making the most of it.

Enjoy infused pizza, wings, and burgers in this West Loop eatery, along with specialties such as Canna Kush Fries.  Get more info, including hours of operation and how to make reservations on their Facebook page.

buy marijuana online chicago

Located in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood, Wake N Bakery also specializes in delta-8 and CBD-infused goods. The menu includes quesadillas, wraps, muffins, brownies, and made-to-order cakes. The scones are a must-have item.

When you go, give yourself plenty of time as you can often find lines waiting to get in, especially when the Cubs are in town. (Wrigley Field is three blocks away.) Get more details including hours, menu, and specials on their website.

Puff Pass & Paint

Want to participate in a cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class in Chicago?

Join up to 20 students for a 2-hour session in a laid-back atmosphere, creating various pieces of art as you enjoy weed. If you prefer a private session, you can opt for that as well.

Having started in Denver, Puff Pass & Paint prides itself on being the first class of its kind. Profiled by CNN, Time, and the New York Times, this is an activity worth checking out while you’re in town. Get more info here.

Beyond Chicago: More 420-friendly options in Illinois

Cannabis is legal statewide, and there are interesting options beyond the big city. If you’re interested in roaming further south, check out these 420-friendly spaces.

Sesser, IL: Luna Lounge

If you have time for a road trip, check out this cannabis lounge recently opened in Sesser, in downstate Illinois. Luna Lounge is Illinois’s first official cannabis consumption club (as in delta-9 THC). Servers help customers select consumption devices and other accessories, some of which you can purchase onsite.

Luna Lounge is strictly BYOW: Bring your own weed. The nearest cannabis stores are two Consume Cannabis Co. outlets about 35 miles south, one in Carbondale and another in Marion.

Luna provides takeout bags so you can bring home any leftovers. The club has plans to feature musical acts, comedians, dancers, and even aerial performers, so this place is a must-visit if you’re in the area.

Galena, IL: Aldrich Guest House | buy marijuana online chicago

Another road trip option is this 420-friendly bed & breakfast in Galena, Illinois, a little town in the state’s northwest corner about 15 miles from Dubuque, Iowa. Weed for Sale In Chicago

The Potting Shed is a tiny house on the property of the larger Aldrich Guest House. Separate from the main building, you can enjoy the amenities you would expect in a premium B&B.

Coming soon | Weed for Sale In Chicago

As Chicago continues to reopen, look for city festivals and outdoor events to return. One to keep an eye on is Dispensary 33’s Waldo’s Forever Fest. Co-sponsored by Do312, this street festival was inspired by a group of high schoolers who met after school to find weed at 4:20 pm.

The cannabis-themed fest typically provides food, music, speakers, and opportunities to learn about weed. Follow their page for when the festival comes back in person.

As Illinois continues to grow as a major cannabis hub, expect to see cannabis tourism expand in 2022 and beyond.

Chicago’s best cannabis strains of summer 2021

buy marijuana online chicago


Illinoisans and tourists on their way to visit, prepare to taste some of the roaring 420s as adult-use cannabis legalization enters its first non-pandemic summer in the Land of Lincoln.

Retail cannabis stores opened joyfully on Jan. 1, 2020, and no one had any idea of the toilet paper shortages that would soon follow.

Thankfully, regulators deemed cannabis stores essential last year. Over 100 medical shops that flipped to “rec” served more and more customers coming in from illicit markets. Weed for Sale In Chicago. Medical and wellness patients can just buy cannabis over-the-counter (as they should—it’s less toxic than aspirin). All recreational weed in Illinois must be lab-tested and is for adults 21 and over with valid I.D.

The 17-month-old Illinois rec market did $115 million in sales in May alone, the Chicago Tribune reports. But don’t just drop by a dispensary for your first time without a plan.

buy marijuana online chicago

The Herbal Care Center’s flower menu alone totals 74 flavors. (Take that, Baskin-Robbins!)

Go in with some goals—as in scoring one of Chicago’s legit strains of summer 2021. Below, we parsed the search traffic to identify what’s bubbling up and came up with a cheat sheet for shopping what’s popping in the Windy City for day or night.

Lakeside days

buy marijuana online chicago

For backyard barbecues, cornhole, picnicking lakeside, or living that bike life, start light and effervescent. Weed for Sale In Chicago. Illinoisans are crushing on citrus strains like:

  • Ethos Genetics’ Citradelic Sunset,
  • Tropic Thunder,
  • or Rythm’s L’Orange (Orange Lemon X Orange Crush).
    Similarly, Cannabis Cup-winning Revolution plans to drop an exclusive Miami Punch Sativa that’s Purple Punch #55 X their celebrated Florida Orange.
buy marijuana online chicago
Miami Punch is fruit and energy for daytime fun. (Revolution)

“We are excited for our customers to experience the energizing cannabis products we are offering,” said Revolution President Dusty Shroyer. “Revolution is stocked up to ensure our customers get the products they need to uplift their summers.” buy marijuana online chicago. Weed for Sale In Chicago

When you’re ready to pour it on thicker, the world of OG Kushes has four to watch:

  • GreenLine OG
  • Member OG

Expect lemon-pine-fuel notes and hybrid stone from these players. See also: Rythm’s Jet Fuel OG; and big brand Cresco has an OG grandchild, Slurricrasher.

Block party nights

buy marijuana online chicago

As day turns to night, you want to relax even further. The GSC or “cookies” family of strains defines “exotic,” from Compton, L.A. to South Side Chicago. Break up some piping hot packs of:

  • Kush Mints,
  • Apple Fritter,
  • Biscotti,
  • or Dolato.

In Cake crosses, demonstrate your clout score in The 312 with:

  • Lava Cake
  • or Wedding Sherb, Revolution’s new Wedding Cake, and Sunset cross.
Weed for Sale In Chicago
Wedding Sherb (Courtesy Revolution)

Summer’s always been a time for flings. Illinoisans show a distinct interest in the mellow, versatile afgoo analog Love Triangle (spotted at Columbia Care). Weed for Sale In Chicago

Also apt for getting it on, Rythm sells some Strawberry Cough X Slimer OG—that’ll get things juicy. We’re also seeing a lot of Prairie State interest in Truffle Butter (Gelato X Chocolate Kush).

buy marijuana online chicago

Lastly, when it’s time to konk out? The Second City is loving hashy, sleepy old-school indica go-to Black Afghan.

New Illinois stores and farms open all year long, so get out there and explore My Kind of Town. buy marijuana online chicago.

How did we do? What are you puffing on in the midwest? Comment below.

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