Cannabis Legalization USA 2021 New York will Joining the Legalized Sates Really Soon

new york cannabis legalization news


Democrats in the state Legislature are “really, really close” to an agreement that would legalize adult-use cannabis products and allow New Yorkers to grow a limited number of marijuana plants in their homes, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Tuesday said. buy weed online new york city. new york cannabis legalization news. online marijuana dispensary NY

An “impasse” as described by Stewart-Cousins last week over traffic safety concerns and impaired driving has been resolved, she said.

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The bill has stumbled in the past before reaching the finishing line over the last two years in Albany under full Democratic control of the state Senate and Assembly.

Opposition to the proposal has once again been raised by law enforcement groups, including the state district attorneys’ association, as well as the state sheriff’s association. Construction and business groups in the last week have also raised concerns about the impact of impaired people working at job sites.

Still, lawmakers hope to build some momentum in the coming days to pass the measure prior to the full approval of the state budget, which is due by the middle of next week.

Following several failed attempts, lawmakers in Albany struck an agreement with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older, a move that officials hope will help end years of racially disproportionate policing that saw Black and Hispanic people arrested on low-level marijuana charges far more frequently than white people.

The deal would allow delivery of the drug and permit club-like lounges or “consumption sites” where marijuana, but not alcohol, could be consumed, according to details obtained by The New York Times. It would also allow a person to cultivate up to six marijuana plants at home, indoors or outdoors, for personal use.

New York State officials finalized a deal on Thursday to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, paving the way for a potential $4.2 billion industry that could create tens of thousands of jobs and become one of the largest markets in the country. new york cannabis legalization news

If approved, the first sales of legal marijuana are likely more than a year away: Officials must first face the daunting task of writing the complex rules that will control a highly regulated market, from the regulation of wholesalers and dispensaries to the allocation of cultivating and retail licenses, to the creation of new taxes and a five-member control board that would oversee the industry. online marijuana dispensary NY

“A percentage of revenue that is raised will get invested into the communities where the people who suffered mass incarceration come from and still live in many cases,” said Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, a Democrat who has spearheaded the legalization effort in the lower chamber for years. “For me this is a lot more than about raising revenue: It’s about investing in the lives of the people that have been damaged.”

The governor’s office had previously estimated that legalizing marijuana could generate about $350 million in yearly tax revenue once the program was fully implemented, which could take years.

With New York following the lead of more than a dozen states in legalizing recreational marijuana, Democratic lawmakers sought to fashion their proposal on the best practices from other states, hoping to make New York’s program a national model.

The final language of the legislation was still being reviewed on Thursday, but a bill could pass the Democratic-controlled State Legislature as soon as next week, according to three people familiar with the negotiations.

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“It is my understanding that the three-way agreement has been reached and that bill drafting is in the process of finishing a bill that we all have said we support,” state Senate Finance Committee Chair Liz Krueger told Bloomberg Government on Wednesday.

The deal that legislative leaders brokered with Cuomo (D) would legalize cannabis use for adults 21 years old and up, and includes a 13% sales tax, 9% of which would go to the state and 4% to the localities, Krueger said. Distributors additionally would collect an excise tax of as much as 3 cents per milligram of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, with a sliding scale based on the type of product and its potency.

No changes would be made to the taxes already imposed on marijuana sold for medical purposes, Krueger said. new york cannabis legalization news

The governor’s office estimates that a legal cannabis program could pull in about $350 million a year once fully implemented.

With New Jersey legalizing marijuana earlier this year, “we are literally surrounded geographically by other states that are doing it. We just need to stay ahead of the times,” Peoples-Stokes said in an interview. buy weed online new york. “Because we’re New Yorkers, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can speed this up.”

Cuomo earlier Wednesday said an agreement was close, and that it’s one of his budget priorities. Krueger said she expects lawmakers to vote on stand-alone legislation as soon as next week.

Legislative leaders want to separate the marijuana and budget debates, a strategy that gives them the upper hand on determining pot policy.

Neighborhood Programs.

The proposed recreational marijuana tax structure is similar to the one levied on alcohol, Krueger said.

Tax revenue would first go to covering cannabis-related expenses at state agencies overseeing the regulation of cannabis, with the rest divided among programs to help people rebuild their lives after marijuana possession arrests; to help neighborhoods; education; and drug treatment.

“We understand the ramifications of decades of incarceration of a people that actually ends up costing us, as a government, money,” Peoples-Stokes said. “This community reinvestment could reverse that whole dynamic. We could reinvest in people’s lives.”

New York lawmakers are finalizing an agreement to legalize recreational marijuana sales to adults over the age of 21, a state legislative leader said Wednesday.

Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, the second-highest-ranking Democrat in the chamber, said the bill is being drafted and will likely be brought up for a vote next week. buy weed online new york city.  Legislative sources also told NBC New York that a vote next week was likely.

“An agreement is imminently close, we hope to resolve any final bill language issues over the next few days as we await the final print version of the bill to vote on next week,” Peoples-Stokes told The Associated Press in a statement.

Regarding Covid-19

A plateau of new coronavirus cases has kept New York among the highest caseloads in the country, and concerns about upcoming reopenings are growing louder, especially with the spread of a new COVID-19 strain in new New York City.

Increased indoor dining capacity, indoor fitness classes resuming, weddings, and lifting cluster zone restrictions are some of the economic recovery steps Gov. Andrew Cuomo has allowed the state to take in recent weeks. With another round of restrictions set to disappear in April, local leaders and health officials are calling on the governor to hold off. new york cannabis legalization news

“Right now, New York is in a race between vaccines and variants. It’s neck and neck. And rushing to reopen, getting ahead of ourselves, will only help the virus get ahead of us in that race,” NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said in a statement on Wednesday. “At this moment, when the majority of new cases of COVID-19 in New York City come from highly contagious variants and only 14% of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated, we need to continue to scale up vaccination while scaling back these reopenings.” online marijuana dispensary NY

To date, New York City has administered 3,537,937 vaccine doses.

Vaccination is extremely important to, not only curtail the spread of coronavirus and avoid deaths but also to bring a sense of normalcy back to everyday life, including bringing the vibrancy of the theater industry back to New York City, hopefully by September, according to the city.

With this in mind, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that in the coming weeks there will be a dedicated COVID-19 vaccination site on Broadway for the theater industry. buy weed online new york city. There will also be a mobile unit for off-Broadway.

Additionally, there will be pop-up COVID testing sites organized by theaters.

However, these measures are not the only ones the city is taking. De Blasio announced that the city is developing plans to manage crowds before and after shows.

“[Theaters] need guidance now so they can come back in the fall, and lead the comeback of New York City,” de Blasio said. online marijuana dispensary NY

Anne Del Castillo, the commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), said that although certain venues can begin opening up on April 1, these plans will provide much-needed guidance as the time nears for their reopenings.

In a statement, the Broadway League said they are “pleased” to be working alongside state and city officials “to raise Broadway curtains once again.”

“We are pleased that the City and the State are working with us to help get people back to work and to raise Broadway curtains once again,” the statement reads. buy weed online new york city. “Vaccination and testing sites for theatre workers are a great step towards recovery and bringing Broadway back. Our community has suffered catastrophic losses, and the sooner we can return to share our stories in a safe and secure way, the better our city will be.”

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