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Does cannabis shake? You will not find cannabis shake at Sonic or Dairy Queen. There is nothing new about cannabis shake. However, in this crazy cannabis culture, it has increased consumer interest and changed some habits. mail order weed online. weed store usa.

Cannabis shake is the leftovers from all your cannabis use. It includes all the bits, pieces, and crumbs from the weed you have processed into joints, stuffed pipes, and fed to grinders. With cannabis prices as high as they are, users try to stretch and capture everything they can. You might consider cannabis shake as your recycling bin.

The cannabis-loose flower will stick to the side of pipes and grinders. It will drop to the bottom of baggies and commercial packaging. What you have are the assorted remnants of your various strains. That lets you save money on the best strain and/or combine the good, bad, and ugly.

mail order weed online

When you grind a flower, the grinding will cast off some dust or powder. It will gather on your fingers or cast off into trays of grinders. This residue includes the debris from trichomes, those bulbous glands found on every surface of a cannabis plant. It’s those wispy white hairs loaded with THC. mail order weed online.

Those trichomes are the plant’s defense mechanism keeping herbivores from attacking the plant. They emit odors that attract pollinators but discourage predators with a disorienting high.

Nothing needs to go to waste. Considering the price of cannabis — legal or otherwise, you want to get as much out of it as you can. So, you’ll want to make the most of the crumbs and dust left over when you use your product. weed store usa