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Canadian Circle K Stores Now Carrying Cannabis Gift Cards

The gas station chain, Circle K, is now selling gift cards to a cannabis dispensary in 300 locations in Canada. mail marijuana experience. Buy Weed Online Canada. Buy Weed Without Medical Card.

Canadian Circle K Stores Now Carrying Cannabis Gift Cards


Canada is already miles ahead of the U.S. when it comes to federal legalization of cannabis, something America is still weighing and discussing, and now Canada has taken another step towards normalizing cannabis by offering gift cards in some Circle K locations. 

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To be specific, the locations are for Fire & Flower dispensary, a well-known dispensary chain in Canada, and they’re being sold at multiple, third-party retailers, one of the most noteworthy being Circle K, a gas station frequented by just about everyone at some point, for some reason or another. The locations are all in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan so far, and there are about 300 locations carrying the cards. 

Fire & Flower is a dispensary company based in Canada that offers retail sales and a digital platform that helps guests keep track of purchases and take advantage of special deals. Now, however, they’ve taken it one step further by entering into the world of gift cards, an avenue that before now has been pretty much off the table when it comes to legal cannabis sales.

“The company’s leadership team combines extensive experience in the cannabis industry with strong capabilities in retail operations,” a press release about Fire & Flower and this latest innovation explained. “The company has set its sights on global expansion as new cannabis markets emerge.”

Normalizing Cannabis

It seems like the next step in that ongoing expansion is cornering the gift card market for the cannabis industry and changing the way cannabis sales are done in Canada via this innovative, new step, which will certainly influence other dispensaries in the market.

“Fire & Flower gift cards reflect our continued investment in our relationship with our consumers,” said Trevor Fencott, Chief Executive Officer of Fire & Flower. “Each gift card represents a sincere moment of connection between our customers and someone who is close to them.  Our commitment to digitally enabled and convenient retail experiences is an important part of our strategy as a tech-enabled, differentiated brand retailer.”

This new marketing avenue is not an accident for the established brand. Market research into Canadian spending habits reveals that more than 70 percent of Canadians are still purchasing gift cards in stores, either retail stores like grocery stores and gas stations, or the specific store where they are shopping. Additionally, customers who use gift cards have been known to spend more than their value; in other words, they spend the card and then keep buying. For all these reasons, expanding into gift card inclusion is a huge move for Fire & Flower and the cannabis industry as a whole.

The cards are available in amounts ranging from $25 to $100, and more information about locations can be found on the Fire & Flower website.

This is a huge milestone for cannabis, an industry that has been in the shadows for a long time, and even then had to fight to be taken more seriously alongside things like the alcohol and food industries. Now, buying a gift card to your favorite dispensary has finally been normalized, at least in the great country of Canada.

High Glass Society: Operation: Pipe Dreamers Brings Legitimacy To The Glass Pipe World

The new series “Operation: Pipe Dreamers” showcases artists fighting against the social and political stigma of creating glass pipes.

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Conceived by television director Jason Wald and glass-blowing entrepreneur Jason HarrisOperation: Pipe Dreamers will pit master glass artists against each other to fashion exquisite flame-blown bongs, pipes and rigs worthy of museum display. One difference from other competition shows is that all artist creations will be auctioned off for charity. Another is the community element implemented when a piece shatters – an inevitability when working with glass.

“Sometimes the glass gods take over,” says Harris. “And some good pieces just want to go to heaven.” In such instances, the contestants will team up to repair the piece, demonstrating the tight-knit community inherent in this tribe of modern-day alchemists with ancient roots.

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Photo credit: James Ballerstein

An Art Form Steeped In Tradition

Glass art has wowed our ancestors for thousands of years. While Moses was hot-footing it out of Egypt, his pursuer, the Pharaoh, was likely dipping his finger into core-formed glass kohl tubes to apply dramatic eyeliner. A few thousand years later, three wealthy astrologer kings presented extravagant gifts to a barn-born infant, their frankincense and myrrh possibly housed in receptacles of blown glass, a nascent Syrian art form. During the Middle Ages, glass blowing in the Republic of Venice became so prized that the entire industry was moved to the nearby island of Murano to preserve their glass blowing secrets 

Pipe smoking’s history is just as rich. Pharaohs’ pyramids housed copper pipes used in religious rites. Scythian tomb excavations uncovered 2,500 year-old golden bongs that tribal chiefs hit. Native Americans had been smoking tobacco from pipes thousands of years before European explorers in the 1500s brought the lucrative leaf home. And in 1728, the discovery of porous carvable meerschaum led to an explosion of creative pipe designs that are still valued as art collectables.

Flash forward to the 1970s, when the pipe and glass worlds finally coalesced. Bob Snodgrass, a glass artist who toured with the Grateful Dead selling pipes, revolutionized the pipe industry with his elaborate designs and innovations. He developed borosilicate or hard glass pipes and discovered fuming, whereby glass mixed metals change color as they are heated.

He started the Eugene Glass School in Oregon and built a following of dedicated glass blowers. Glass pipes and bongs became more intricate and experimental. What were once objects of utility became fantastical art layered with color and light. The industry spread globally, and Snodgrass secured his place as the glass pipe Godfather. 

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Attending those Dead shows, Jason Harris was mesmerized by the art form. “The glass itself is an ancient alchemy. It’s like magic,” he says of the malleable, expressive substance.

Harris sought out Snodgrass and became his apprentice for years before venturing out on his own to create Jerome Baker Designs. His company became a multi-million-dollar leader in the creation of high-concept pipe art, selling glass to such notable figures as George Clinton, Snoop Dogg, and George Clooney. But in 2003, the glass pipe market collapsed during the DEA’s sting “Operation Pipe Dreams,” which targeted dozens of businesses selling drug paraphernalia. Harris’s entire stock was confiscated and he was placed on house arrest. Famed actor Tommy Chong, who operated Chong Glass Works/Nice Dreams, got nine months in prison. The U.S. government treated these artists as if they were cartel members.  mail marijuana experience

Authoritarians attacking art is not a new concept. In 1937, Hitler denounced and banned “Degenerate Art,” often created by Jews, Communists, the Expressionist, and even jazz artists. The Soviet Union censored and destroyed literature, art, film, and music and arrested artists deemed damaging to their ethos. In the last century, underground forms of expression including graffiti, rap music, and even skateboarding have met government push back. Yet time and popular acceptance have transformed the subversive into the conventional. Now Banksy street art is a collector’s dream, the X-Games are televised internationally, and Kanye West is working on his next billion. Buy Weed Without Medical Card.

The 2011 documentary Degenerate Art highlighted the underground art of glass pipe blowing and its search for legitimacy in the art world. In fact, the mainstream glass art scene has directly benefited from the evolution of the glass pipe world. In the film, glass manufacturer Henry Grimmett of Glass Alchemy says, “Any advancement you’ve seen in the sculptural world has all come from advancements in the pipe.”

Yet pipe art is still regarded as the glass world’s prodigal son because of its association with marijuana. Many pieces could compete with any Dale Chihuly sculpture in the Corning Museum of Glass, but add a bowl and carb and suddenly it’s lambasted as mere paraphernalia like any old crack pipe.

Operation: Pipe Dreamers Encourages Legitimacy, Community, And Competition

But sometimes the stars align. Jason Harris and Jason Wald, director of “The World Series of Poker,” conceived of the show Operation: Pipe Dreamers, a cheeky play on the harsh governmental sting. The goal of Operation: Pipe Dreamers is in part to reverse the gen-pop perception of glass pipe art and marijuana consumption. mail marijuana experience

“We’re just part of a bigger-picture political process of legalization,” says Harris. “I’m super stoked to be alive during this, it being a little arm of social justice.” Buy Weed Without Medical Card.

To reinforce the validity of the art form, they’ve recruited renowned glass sculptor Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen as one of the judges to preside over the competition. She studied under such revered glass masters as William Morris and the late Pino Signoretto of Murano.

“By bringing someone as elite as Karen, we have changed the whole canvas,” says Wald, who aims through Operation: Pipe Dreamers to add legitimacy to glass pipe makers and the marijuana industry in general. mail marijuana experience

“I look at pipes like the fine goblets of 16th-century Murano,” says Willenbrink-Johnsen when asked about pipe artists’ future in the greater glass art world. “I think within the next few years, it’s going to be accepted in museums because they’re going to take away that wall of uncertainty. They’re allowed to acknowledge the aesthetics of it instead of ‘this is a vessel to smoke this bad, bad marijuana.’”

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Top on Jason Wald’s list of goals for Operation: Pipe Dreamers is highlighting the altruistic nature of these glassmakers. Buy Weed Without Medical Card. “If you watch any show that’s reality based around competition – they make cupcakes; they make knives – what happens after that? Where do those knives go? Where do those cupcakes go? In our show, the pipes that are made, and they will be beautiful pieces, will be up for charity auction.”

“We all need to remember we’re a community. We all need to give back,” says Harris. “That’s why we are going to donate … proceeds to Pilchuck Glass School to educate young glass blowers. It’s leading by example.”

A stalwart of this community and top ambassador for the glass piper movement and marijuana legalization, Tommy Chong, has signed on to the Operation: Pipe Dreamers team. He will voice the opening of the show and perform all the voice over work for each episode. Buy Weed Without Medical Card He is also full committed to be a sitting judge for season two of Operation: Pipe Dreamers, which is already in the pre production stages. mail marijuana experience

Harris, who, alongside Chong, has experienced first hand the harsh realities of government crackdowns and has fought in the trenches to legitimize marijuana and its associated businesses, sees Operation: Pipe Dreamers as being the vanguard for mainstream acceptance and political change. Buy Weed Online Canada

“Were on the cusp here. All we have to do is tip it off the edge,” he says. “It’s about education. Operation: Pipe Dreamers is a little pawn in the big chess game of legalization.”

The first season of Operation: Pipe Dreamers will air this year on YouTube.

Portable Vaporizer, e-Rig or Both? Introducing the Linx Apollo

Could the Linx Apollo meet all your vaping needs?

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Courtesy of Linx Vapor

As we watch Tesla disrupt the automobile industry with electric cars, one might wonder, what about the cannabis vaping industry? The world has been advancing with technological innovations every day. The vaporizer industry is no exception. Buy Weed Without Medical Card. Most desktop vaporizers offer good hits and flavor but are bulky to carry around, while portable ones offer small size but lack clouds and flavor. The people have been asking for vaping devices that give you the  freedom to enjoy the best vaping experiences anywhere you want, however you want! 

Choose Your Weapon: Portable Vape, e-Rig or both? Introducing the Linx Apollo  

The Linx Apollo, the latest addition from Linx Vapor, is a one of a kind concentrate vaping device.  The Linx R&D team seems to have found a perfect balance for the Apollo to stay flexible,  compact yet powerful.  

With a minimalist shape, the Apollo base is designed to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This power house is packed with fresh ideas and innovative technologies that bridge  the gaps between portable and desktop vaporizers. order marijuana online quebec. By functioning as two devices in one, the Apollo, and the mindset behind its design, is so novel that we haven’t seen anything similar in the market today. Buy Weed Online Canada

So how exactly does the Apollo work? In its portable mode, the Apollo can be attached to the included Linx Glass Bubbler and becomes a standalone vaping device to carry around. You will have full airflow control, just like a pipe. Buy Weed Online Canada. When combined with the bubbler’s unique percolator design, the Apollo allows for less air entering the glass, resulting in richer flavor and bigger clouds. In desktop mode, the Apollo can be plugged in a bong to act as an e-rig, replacing the use of a torch and removing the risk of burning yourself or overheating /under-heating your  concentrates. The Apollo fits any bongs with 14mm or 18mm down stem, male or female. Once  plugged in, an airtight seal is created that not only protects the glass bong, but also delivers  smooth and milky hits that are unmatched by any other.

Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor

Whether you are at the beach or at a party, the Apollo goes with you. Buy Weed Online Canada. But there’s more flexibility the Apollo can offer! The Apollo comes with four pre-programmed temperature settings and a Heat Boost Feature: an unrestricted temperature boost, to give you full control of how hot you want your vapor to be. order marijuana online quebec Cloud chaser may boost to the highest heat setting at any time, while concentrates’ snobs can opt for the low temp vaping for a richer flavor profile and smoother hits. Buy Weed Without Medical Card. The Apollo also features Smart Heating Technology, delivering larger clouds,  longer sessions and the purest vapor, all while using less of your materials. Buy Weed Online Canada. Don’t forget that the Linx Apollo heats up to set temperature in only around 8 seconds, making it one of the fastest in the industry. Buy Weed Online Canada

The Apollo is also equipped with Linx’s signature quartz atomizer. This large inlaid atomizer is very versatile, allowing you to put large doses of extracts for recreational sessions or small quantities for microdosing. Buy Weed Without Medical Card. Quartz is clean and safe to use when heated and allows for a faster healing time and even heat distribution. The unexposed coils also make the chamber easy to clean and maintain. Buy Weed Without Medical Card

Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor
Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor

Apollo’s long list of attributes doesn’t stop there. Every Linx Apollo features a 2600mAH  large capacity battery, toxin-free air path, metal casing, battery indication, and a one-year warranty. As with all the Linx vaporizers, the Apollo is heavy metals tested and certified. order marijuana online Quebec

Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor
Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor

Compared to models easily costing $300 and above with fewer features and accessories, the  Apollo is priced extremely competitively at $259.99. This vaping device comes with a  comprehensive list of accessories. You will find in the kit a premium and low-profile carrying  case, a Linx Apollo base, an all-quartz inlaid atomizer, a carb cap, a portable glass bubbler, a  male bong adaptor, a silicone airflow regulator, a dab tool, a cleaning brush and a charging  cable.  mail marijuana experience

Whether you are new to extract vaporizers or a seasoned veteran, this little monster will let you  blast off anywhere you go!

Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor
Buy Weed Online Canada
Courtesy of Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor is a SoCal based, health conscious and technology driven vaporizer brand with a  mission to expand the boundaries of the market as we know it today. Their cannabis line of vaporizers has landed many top awards by leading industry media such as Forbes, High Times,  Gizmodo, Leafly, and Herb. Buy Weed Without Medical Card  mail marijuana experience

Try the Apollo for yourself. Learn more about the Apollo at and see how Linx is  shaking things up in the vaporizer industry. order marijuana online quebec

Get yours now at!

Bill To Decriminalize Possessing, ‘Casually’ Exchanging Small Doses Of Pot Introduced In Tennessee

For a casual transfer to comply with the proposed law, it must be a spontaneous transfer of marijuana without a transaction taking place.

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A Tennessee state legislator introduced a bill this week that would decriminalize the possession and transfer of small amounts of marijuana. The measure, House Bill 413 (HB 413), was filed on Tuesday by state Rep. London Lamar, a Democrat from Memphis. mail marijuana experience

Under the bill, it would no longer be illegal for a person to possess up to one ounce (about 28 grams) of marijuana. The measure would also allow individuals to “casually transfer” up to one ounce of marijuana to another person. Buy Weed Without Medical Card

For a casual transfer to comply with the proposed law, it must be a spontaneous transfer of marijuana without a transaction taking place. Transfers of small amounts of marijuana that involve “the payment of money or a gift card, debit card, credit card, or any other card, coupon, or token that is capable of being exchanged for money, merchandise, or goods” in exchange for the marijuana would still be against the law.

The bill would only decriminalize the transfer of small amounts of marijuana “in the form of a plant.” The measure specifically excludes other forms of cannabis “including but not limited to, a resin, compound, derivative, concentrate, or oil.” mail marijuana experience

If HB 413 is able to successfully navigate through the Tennessee legislature and is passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives, the bill would then have to be signed by Republican Gov. Bill Lee to become law. If the measure is successfully signed into law, it would go into effect on July 1, 2021, “the public welfare requiring it,” according to the text of the bill. experience mail marijuana

Currently, Tennessee law does not allow  the possession, use, or sale of marijuana for any reason, medical or recreational. Legislative attempts to legalize the medical use of marijuana in each of the last two years were unsuccessful. Buy Weed Online Canada.

Last year, Republican Rep. Ron Travis and Rep. Jason Hodges, a Democrat, proposed HB 637, an unsuccessful measure that would have legalized medical marijuana for patients with one or more of 20 specified serious medical conditions and a doctor’s recommendation. A separate measure in the state Senate would have legalized medical marijuana only if the federal government did, as well. mail marijuana experience

A new medical marijuana bill is also reportedly being circulated among lawmakers for the current legislative session. Passage of the measure does not seem likely, however, according to media reports. Buy Weed Online Canada

First-term Democratic Rep. Sam McKenzie of Knoxville said that he would propose a bill to legalize medical marijuana this year, noting his mother’s “painful” case of terminal cancer. 

“From what I hear marijuana helps with those and other medicinal purposes. Why not? We’re giving drugs that are much more harmful than marijuana,” McKenzie said.

Republican Sen. Richard Briggs, also from Knoxville, said that he does not expect a medical marijuana bill to succeed during the current session of the legislature. Buy Weed Online Canada

“I have been opposed to medical marijuana as long as there are federal laws that prohibit it,” Briggs said.


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