Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Not long ago, cannabis was illegal in just about every part of the world. Thankfully, this amazing plant is finally being recognized as a safe alternative for many people who seek symptom relief and enjoyment. Today we’ll look at seven 2021 trends in the cannabis movement that affect cannabis enthusiasts and growers.

2021 is shaping out to be a big year for cannabis!

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

1.) 2021 Legal Status (Legalization is Spreading)

More people can legally enjoy and grow cannabis now than ever. Once-hostile countries are discussing legalization, and several countries have granted adults the right to grow and use cannabis plants.

Currently legal to grow weed

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

2021 United States Legalization Updates – sign up for the Marijuana Moment newsletter for US legalization news

Psychedelic legalization has recently gained a ton of momentum. Magic mushrooms may offer relief for some sufferers of PTSD, alcohol addiction, end-of-life psychological distress, depression, migraines or cluster headaches, menstrual irregularity, PMDD, anxiety, bereavement, and more. Many people report that mushrooms help them quit other drugs like opioids that are ineffective or cause unwanted side effects. We’re still learning about the benefits of this special fungi, but there’s evidence that it can have a wide range of positive effects for some people.

Just like cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms are safe and offer relief for a wide variety of hard-to-treat problems. Adults deserve to make their own decisions about magic mushrooms.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Around the world, 227 million people currently live in a country with legal weed and legal home grow. In the US, about 24% of the population has local laws that allow any adult to grow their own weed. We’re witnessing a good start towards worldwide herbal freedom, but there’s still a long way to go.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

2.) More/Different Genetic Options

2021 continues to see dramatic increases in strain availability as more people grow at home and try their hand at breeding. This past year has witnessed thousands of new strains hit the market from hundreds of new breeders. The cannabis seed industry is experiencing a total revolution, with new genetic options that growers like me would never have dreamed of just a few years ago.

As a result…

  • Easier to buy seeds now than ever
  • Tons of new breeders are entering the scene (both great and terrible)

Even with everything going on, people can get seeds delivered almost anywhere in the world.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Seed shopping is different

New strains tend to come and go. I recently grew this Ocean Fruit by Square One Genetics. By the time I harvested and recommended the strain to a friend, it was long gone.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Strain names

These Mandarin Cookies buds smelled like great weed… but absolutely nothing like mandarin oranges or cookies.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

3.) Bud Appearance is Changing

People’s preferences are changing as their choices expand. When buying weed from a dealer, you generally had few strain options and bud appearance took a back seat. Now, many dispensaries let consumers slowly examine dozens of strains before purchase. This has caused breeders and commercial growers to start competing on bud appearance, like a peacock or bird of paradise trying to impress a mate. When I started growing in 2008, most popular strains were a standard hairy orange without much sparkle (trichomes). Effects used to be the biggest difference between strains. Now looks are often just as important.

Vintage strains from “back in the day” almost universally produced green buds with lots of hairs that turn from white to orange

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Newer strains tend to look more colorful and sparkly, with fewer hairs

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Extra Popular Bud Traits in 2021

Yields are also taking a back seat to other genetic factors like appearance. Some breeders aim for “quality over quantity” to the point where a perfectly grown plant can still end up producing tiny yields. Growers can certainly improve results plant training and other techniques to increase yields, but if you’re growing new strains and produce small yields it may have nothing to do with you. Luckily, most breeders list information on strains such as what yields to expect on average.

When it comes to strains aimed at home growers, there seems to be less focus on yields and more on bud quality than in the past. As a result, buds from new strains are often more like “nuggets” than the huge “colas” that once dominated the genetic market.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Learn where to get seeds

4.) Seed Banks Move to Different Countries

Another huge recent change has been the shifting location of seed banks. Many seed sources have moved their place of business due to new restrictions from Brexit, Spain, COVID, and poor mail service.

  • Many seed banks had to move due to seed inventory and mail service issues related to Brexit and COVID
  • Seed banks are being lured to countries with federally-recognized legality such as Canada, South Africa, Mexico, and Uruguay
  • Some banks have moved to the US due to the booming market. Not only that, tons of new American seed banks are popping up, resulting in overall better strain availability in the Americas. The current US government seems more lax on federal enforcement than the previous administration, and five states have passed some sort of legalization in just the last 6 months. There’s a lot of momentum behind cannabis businesses in the US.

Canada is becoming a popular new spot for seed banks due to federal cannabis legalization. Plus Canadian adults can legally grow up to 4 plants. Learn more.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

5.) Edibles, Candy & Tinctures Dominate the Market

Smoking cannabis flowers (buds) used to be the main way people consumed weed. However, more health-conscious ways of consuming are becoming more and more popular as people turn away from smoking. These products often have less of a smell and allow you to accurately dose ahead of time over a long period without the need for smoke breaks.

Some states like California have onerous edible limitations (10 ml THC per serving, for example) that make them unsuitable for people who need higher amounts and don’t want to eat thousands of calories in edibles to get the required dosage. This is causing consumers to make their own edibles or seek out stronger edibles on the black market.

Gummies are one of my favorite edibles to make at home

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Making edibles at home allows you to control the exact dose per serving. Learn how to make edibles, canna caps, or tinctures.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

6.) Extracts Gaining Popularity, too

Other cannabis extracts like hash and rosin are taking a front seat as people look for alternatives to smoking. Many consumers are seeking extracts created through natural means without any solvents or chemicals.

Popular extracts include rosin, dry ice hash, bubble hash, and kief

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Popular extracts

  1. Various forms of hash
  2. Rosin/Dabs
  3. Pure hash oil
  4. Kief (whole trichomes typically collected via a sift or screen)
  5. Live resin (a potent extract made from freshly harvested plants)

These are all essentially different ways of getting the “good stuff” from a cannabis plant. Typically these are popular because:

  1. Greater potency – higher levels of cannabinoids like THC
  2. Variety – each type of extract “feels” a little different
  3. Use up trim, leaves, and extra inventory – Growers can make extractions from extra leaves or plant matter (“trim”) that contain cannabinoids but aren’t suitable to smoke. Extracts also let you use up extra inventory (if you enjoy growing, you quickly end up with more weed than you can use) or buds that didn’t come out as good as you hoped.

Extracts offer greater potency and variety compared to cannabis flowers. They’re typically eaten, smoked, vaped, or turned into “dabs”.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

7.) Better Quality Overall

In general, quality is going up for genetics, growing equipment, and available forms of weed. Even many “bad” breeders offer great strains because the genetic pool is better overall. My favorite 2021 trend is that more information is available than ever to help growers produce professional bud quality at home. Small-scale home growing produces better-than-dispensary buds when you do it right.

The availability of quality grow equipment, genetics, and information has never been better

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

That being said, with a new market comes fakers and scammers. It’s more important than ever to order genetics, nutrients, grow lights, and other growing equipment from trustworthy sources. Never order genetics from an unknown breeder, especially any person that contacts you unprompted on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Legitimate breeders won’t slide in your DMs, they let you come to them. Notice what other growers are using for genetics that you like, and try to order from their sources.

Don’t throw your money down the drain. Save cash (and frustration) by sticking to reliable, trustworthy vendors.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Not sure where to get genetics? Barneys Farmhas been around for years yet they also embrace change. Their new strains regularly incorporate the best of new genetics and (unlike a lot of the new breeders) they isolate strains so you know what to expect and can get the same strain again later. No breeder is perfect but Barney’s Farm strains reliably produce good buds with a variety of unique effects. I highly recommend every grower give Pineapple Chunk a try at least once.

Trending Cannabis Strains 2021

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what trends you’ve noticed for 2021 so far. It’s an exciting time to be a weed enthusiast or grower!

Super stylish cannabis boxes to store your stash

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RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes are birthday gift material. They are homey; they are convenient. Rather than having bud, pipes, and dugouts lying around, or forgetting where a one-hitter was last left, a smoker will forever remember with RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes.

Born in 2000, RYOT designs and manufactures modern lifestyle accessories to enhance good times. The company prides itself on products made for smokers by smokers. Based in Miami, Florida, RYOT’s products are available all over the world, including Chile, Israel, and Spain.

Originally, RYOT branded itself as a tobacco company. The name, which stands for Roll Your Own Tobacco, was always envisioned for cannabis smokers. Once cannabis became legally available across several areas in the United States, the company unveiled its true purpose.

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RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes

The company’s boxes, without question, enhances a smoker’s lifestyle. The premium wooden RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes are made for storing a stash and rolling joints. It’s a compact yet roomy storage space hand-crafted and made from durable wood. They’re of the highest quality; they do not break easily.

The boxes are designed to sift the kief and enhance the users experience. RYOT offers solid top and glass top screen boxes that are built to last. The bottom of the box is removable as well to turn into a sturdy rolling station. Roll a cigarette or a joint with no mess left behind!

On top of that, they’re built to let bud last by protecting the botanicals’ flavor. The concentrates are not exposed. The Monofilament Screen produces greater longevity and higher quality sifting. The solid top and glass top screen read “control your own,” which is placed in a lovely logo.

RYOT products are aesthetically pleasing; the sifter storage boxes will bring a smile to any smoker’s face and liven up one’s living room or bedroom. It’s a comforting reminder that a nice high is right in the box waiting for the mood to strike. With magnetic closures, the box closes firmly, and the 4×7 inches glass top screen boxes only cost $49.99.

RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes hit all the marks for any smoker. It’s for regular smokers, casual smokers, and even new smokers. The sifter storage box is subtle and low-profile for anyone who doesn’t want their cannabis out in plain sight. It’s just right for an office or workstation; the box fits right into a bookshelf.

As for the daily smokers, the RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes can be more than a home to your cannabis. The glass top is sturdy, not flimsy, so it’s an exceptional spot to roll a joint. Of course, the bottom of the box is removable to roll as well. If a smoker is taking a break from cannabis, it’s a convenient spot to keep one’s keys or even jewelry never to forget. The box can service a multitude of purposes. Farewell, baggies!

For its main purpose, however, there’s no better spot for a smoker to keep their cannabis safe and sound. Whether in a library, the living room, kitchen, or bedside, you’ll always know exactly where your goods are, especially when needed most.

Courtesy of RYOT

The box is an ideal gift for a smoker or newbie. It’s classy and it’s affordable…but it looksexpensive and pristine. For a low cost, RYOT delivers high quality. Whether for a gift for a friend or a gift to yourself, RYOT sifter storage boxes  is a fun and practical accessory.

The company’s array of picturesque products, including its wooden one hitters, dugouts, and poker sleeves, suit the aesthetic of the box. If any smoker wants to bring more joy to their environment or brighten their smoking experience, have one of these storage boxes in eyesight at all times.

The RYOT Sifter Storage Boxes will quickly become an essential home for your cannabis, cartridges, and even your RYOT Dugout & One Hitters.

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